• #2: Underestimating Expenses Causing Unrealistic Profit Forecasts
  • Welcome to the second installment of my Top 9 Valuation Mistakes blog series. In today's post, we’ll examine Valuation Mistake #2: Underestimating expenses causing unrealistic profit. Let's just quickly remind ourselves of the full nine valuation mistakes that analysts are [....]
Improve Your #CFAscore

Improve Your CFA Exam Score

If you were to ask anybody who has ever taken the CFA exam, they would tell you one thing, it....

Written by Andrew Stotz

#1 of the Top 9 #ValuationMistakes

#1 of the Top 9 Valuation Mistakes

During my career, I built highly complex and detailed financial models early on as an analyst, but I later realized....

Written by Andrew Stotz

My #1 Study Tip for the #CFAExams

My #1 Study Tip for the CFA Exams

Many successful CFA charterholders merit their success in the CFA exams with their study habits. As mentioned in my other....

Written by Andrew Stotz