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Building Great Careers in Finance

We educate the next generation of world-class financial analysts through practical hands-on experience

Take this course to land your dream job in finance and become a better investor

Our graduates work at top-tier investment banks, asset management firms, and equity research institutions

The Valuation Master Class helps to improve you in four different areas:


Gain a significant edge over your competitors and land your dream job.


Learn to spot investment opportunities early and make better valuation decisions.


Achieve valuation experience fast, instead of losing time studying finance textbooks.


Build confidence by learning valuation in a structured framework.

We Produce World-Class Financial Analysts

Welcome to the most comprehensive online course for learning how to value stocks. From over 2,000 students, the course has become known as “The Bootcamp for Valuation” because it takes almost 150 hours and 12 companies to value before graduation. This class equips you with all in-demanding industry skills to prepare you for a successful finance career. It is a step-by-step program that takes you from a beginner to complete mastery of stock valuation. Once completed, you can confidently value any company in the world.

Andrew Stotz Signature

The Valuation Master Class is a hands-on approach to becoming a Valuation Master divided into two packages.

Get access to valuation tools used by real institutions
Master balance sheet and income statement forecasts
Be able to calculate financial ratios
Apply absolute and relative valuation methods
Decide which valuation method is suitable in different settings
Determine the target price of a company
Learn the most common valuation mistakes and how to avoid them
Create a detailed revenue breakdown
Value assigned companies from different industries
Review industry analysis using Porter's Five Forces
Benchmark companies against its peers
Learn advanced topics in forecasting and valuation
Value companies of your choice
Develop an original research report
Assess a company's investment attractiveness
Address environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG)
Learn how to make an impactful presentation

It’s a tough course! Students immediately start valuing companies using my valuation model. By the time you complete the Valuation Master Class, you will have valued and peer-reviewed 20 companies.

Taught By Dr. Andrew Stotz – A Valuation Master

Dr. Andrew Stotz, CFA is a valuation expert, successful businessman, and CEO of A. Stotz Investment Research that provides institutional and high net-worth investors with investment research services and tools, asset allocation strategies, and ready-to-invest stock portfolios.


The Valuation Master Class comes from his near three decades of experience teaching and working in finance. Previously, as Head of Research at CLSA, Andrew was voted the No. 1 Analyst in Thailand in the Asiamoney Brokers’ Poll for two years in a row. He was also voted the No. 1 Analyst in Thailand in the Institutional Investor magazine All-Asia Research Team Report.


Andrew has been teaching valuation for decades. Andrew has also been a lecturer in finance for 25 years and is currently a research faculty and a member of the international advisory board at Thammasat Business School and an adjunct professor at the University of Science and Technology of China. He has served two terms as president of the CFA Society Thailand.

Andrew Stotz Valuation Master Class

So, Are You Up For The Challenge Of
Becoming A Valuation Master?

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100% Guarantee! If you are not satisfied, we will pay YOU back!


We believe so much in the benefits you will receive from the Valuation Master Class that we offer you a 100% guarantee. No hassle, no questions asked, and complete satisfaction guaranteed.

Sign up for Module 1 of the Valuation Master Class, and you will have 30 days to give it a try. If you feel that the class did not live up to its promise, then no matter the reason – we will give you a 100% refund.

The Valuation Master Class Is
Packed Full Of Benefits!

1. A Way to Differentiate Yourself

In performing valuations on many companies, you will be challenged and presented with real-life problems that will require the application and understanding of theory.

2. Essential experience in applying forecast and valuation knowledge

You will almost immediately begin forecasting to quickly gain solid experience and translate theoretical knowledge into sound forecasts of real companies.

3. An opportunity to learn from true valuation experts

The A. Stotz Investment Research team—led by former award-winning financial analyst Dr. Andrew Stotz, CFA—will review your work every step of the way and guide you to success.

4. A chance to become a certified valuation expert

You will receive an A. Stotz Investment Research Certificate for each module you complete.

Become an Expert in Two Packages:

Throughout the course, you will be using the ValueModel as developed by A. Stotz Investment Research. Using this model will allow you to concentrate on forecasting and valuation rather than building financial models.

The Foundation Package, consisting of Finance Made Ridiculously Simply and Valuation Master Class Foundation, takes you from a beginner to intermediate stock valuation mastery. You will develop your first company valuations and present their revenue breakdowns to our team.

The Professional Package covers Modules 3 to 5. Besides valuing companies from different industries, you also learn how to write a complete persuasive investment report and how to present it to clients. Once completed, you will have developed all necessary industry skills to jumpstart your career as a financial analyst.

The Valuation Master Class is conducted online in an independent manner with full support from the A. Stotz Investment Research team. As there are no scheduled classes, you can learn when it suits you.

Valuation Master Class
Road Map To Mastery

Foundation Package

Finance Made Ridiculously Simple

In this course, you will start by recognizing basic accounting terms and describing their meaning. This will allow you to be able to categorize various accounting items and distinguish one from the other.

Next, you will begin to apply this accounting knowledge to analyze financial statements and theorize about the financial outcomes of management decisions. With this knowledge, you will start to see how to use financial measures to assess management's financial success (or failure).

Your new financial knowledge will earn you a place on the management team as a well-rounded manager who considers management decisions in a financial framework.

Valuation Master Class - Foundation

Helps attendees build a strong finance, forecasting, and valuation foundation. Attendees value 1 company, consume about 30 hours of video course content, and spend about 10 hours on valuation assignments. Attendees can study foundation independently or be guided in the 6-week Valuation Master Class Boot Camp.

Professional Package (*required to pass Foundation)

Valuation Master Class - Professional

Covers advanced valuation topics for those who want to build a competitive advantage in valuation. Attendees value 9 companies, all of which must pass a rigorous peer review. Attendees consume about 30 hours of content and spend about 80 hours valuing companies. Professional is entirely self-paced and requires a strong student commitment to graduate.

* Valuation Master

Achieved after years of experience from what you have learned in the Valuation Master Class

Has developed their unique style

Has extensive expertise with adaptation of various tools and methods

Is an excellent teacher and leader, able to guide and mentor Novices with empathy

Can create new guidelines to help others advance

Can value a company with style, grace, and ease — people will want to watch you work!

Become a Certified Financial Analyst

Learn based on your schedule

The whole course is offered 100% online, enabling you flexible learning at your pace.

Facebook group and personal coaching

You will get access to the private members-only Facebook group and weekly live Q&A led by Dr. Andrew Stotz. You get the chance to get all your questions answered by an industry expert.

Lifetime access

Once you are a member, you get unlimited access to all course materials and updates.

Graduation requirements

To be certified as a Valuation Master, you must complete all course materials and assigned valuations. You receive a certificate after each module.

What Our Students Say:


"I had learned a theoretical approach before, but the Valuation Master Class let me try everything practically under the guidance of experienced mentors. I would recommend the Valuation Master Class for those who have a basic knowledge of accounting and equity but have never done in-depth valuation before."

Anuchit Uea-arak


"Initially it took me time to understand the linking of formulas in the Value Model and its impact on the final calculation.
But thanks to online Wikipedia-style teaching manual for the class and help from Dr. Andrew Stotz and the team I managed to understand the model much better and now find it easier as well as useful to value companies.
The learning has helped me to enhance my finance skills, gain a better understanding of a company’s financial statements, analyze past performance trends, and spot upcoming which could be expected to impact future performance.
The course has helped me to grow further and is well worth the price.
While completing the first module, I learned to work the model effectively to get the result. The various checks and balances in the model helped me to understand if my inputs make sense relative to past performance trends. Abnormal assumptions show up automatically in ValueModel.
During the second module, I progressed from understanding the model and its workings to studying the annual reports I was valuing. From this, I started analyzing revenue breakdowns, the impact of quarterly performance, and upcoming events with deeper reasoning.
I would recommend this course to my colleagues and other finance professionals. The Valuation Master Class could help them grow in their careers and contribute more effectively to their current jobs.
I am looking forward to completing all modules of the class to become a Valuation Master. This credential will support me in achieving my dream of becoming an equity analyst. Although it will not be easy, it would be worth the hard work and effort required to achieve the credential."

Jiten Dialani


"When I started the Valuation Master Class I felt a bit overwhelmed with the ValueModel. However, after watching videos in the class of Andrew using the model to value companies, it became much easier.
Just using Value Model to value my first two companies taught me how to set reasonable assumptions and became more confident in calculating discount rates since I am now using research to back it up.
This course will be very helpful for my future career as I’m aiming to be an investment banker. I feel it’s worth every single dollar I paid. I see studying this course as I’m investing in myself.
After finishing the first module, I have set ‘becoming a valuation expert’ as my new goal in 2017."

Ratthapark Arnantayakan


"I learned a whole lot of new things to complement my studies at university! I now know how to analyze everything independently. In our university projects, we normally work as a group, so I only got to work on the part of the process, and the model did not go into nearly the same amount of detail.
I would recommend all students who are passionate about finance to take this Valuation Master Class. I think it would add an edge of competitiveness to your skill set before graduation and when you start looking for work. It’s a fantastic opportunity for students to learn before working in the real world."

Bheempos Keiatkaikangwan


"Before I entered this course, valuation seemed like a foreign land to me, exciting but full of mystery. This course brought light to valuation which has just intensified my excitement for the course.
Thanks to the effective team support from A. Stotz Investment Research, I could use the Value Model with ease and comfort."

Lim Lee Bin (Singapore)


"I have analyzed companies in the past and completed valuations, but the Valuation Master Class taught me how to avoid mistakes that I didn’t even realize I was making. I also learned how to be more realistic while valuing a company.
I undertook company valuation for the CFA Institute Research competition and had no one to guide me while I was first making mistakes. The Valuation Master Class helped me overcome my errors and has made me more confident in the valuation process."

Shivam Agrawal