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Frequently Asked Questions

The Valuation Master Class is an on-demand online course that trains attendees to become company valuation experts. Graduates can confidently value any company and are equipped with the in-demand industry skills necessary for a successful finance career.

The Valuation Master Class consists of two parts:

Foundation – Helps attendees build a strong finance, forecasting, and valuation foundation. Attendees value 3 companies, consume about 30 hours of video course content, and spend about 10 hours on valuation assignments.

Professional – Covers advanced valuation topics and is for those who want to build a competitive advantage in valuation. Attendees value 9 companies, all of which must pass a rigorous peer review. Attendees consume about 30 hours of content and spend about 80 hours valuing companies.

The Valuation Master Class Boot Camp is a 6-week intensive online course with live sessions that equips attendees with the foundational company valuation skills needed to work as investment bankers, asset managers, equity analysts, or value investors.

The Boot Camp teaches the Foundation section of the Valuation Master Class, consisting of 30 hours of video course content, 10 hours of company valuation assignments, and 100 hours of Boot Camp-specific content and valuation assignments.

Since its inception in 2017, the Valuation Master Class has had more than 2,000 attendees from 40+ countries.