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Careers in Finance with Tanya Thourani

Tanya Thourani is an accomplished Project Manager and an ex-Software Developer who excels at using agile methodologies, DevOps and cutting edge investment technologies for process improvement, data capabilities and service delivery.

Some of the valuable insights Tanya shared:

  • Start by developing interest. Then take a course to understand how finance works. Then leverage the people with experience and have opportunities for you in the area you’re learning. 
  • Experience in engineering or any kind of technical skill will come handy if you move to finance. You will have a different attitude to solving problems and financial services.
  • Certification gives you a power boost.
  • Keep experimenting until you get a system that works for you. 
  • Once you develop an interest in finance try becoming the best in it.
  • If you are driven by the idea of finance as a career reduce distraction and focus on your career trajectory.
  • Identify what skills you lack and effective ways to gain these skills.

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