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30 Students Graduated from the Valuation Master Class Boot Camp 03

On April 15th, 2022, 30 students graduated from the Valuation Master Class Boot Camp.

The Boot Camp is an intense 6-week course to train attendees on how to value any company in the world. To graduate, students must complete the course work, write a complete valuation report on one company, and then present that valuation.

A wide variety of students

The course was roughly balanced between males and females. There were 13 students from Thailand, three each from India, Cambodia, and Nigeria, two from Singapore, and one each from Indonesia, Philippines, Sweden, Cyprus, Vietnam, and Ethiopia.

Thirteen students plan to be equity analysts, ten want to become investment bankers, four plan to be personal financial/tax advisors, and two want to be fund managers.

The youngest student was 19 and the oldest 52. Two students were aged 18 and 21, eight were aged 22 to 25, another seven were aged 26 to 29, six were aged 30 to 39, and seven were 40 and over.

Writing and presenting equity research is a valuable experience

Our survey showed the students found writing and presenting the final research report the most valuable aspect of the course. The second most valuable was the 30 hours of engaging video instruction. The third most valuable were the various assignments they needed to complete. And students found receiving feedback to help them refine their work the fourth most valuable aspect of the course.

All students answered “Yes” to the following two questions, ‘Was the benefit you gained from the Valuation Master Class Boot Camp worth the time spent on the course?’ and ‘Can you think of a few people whom you would recommend to attend the Boot Camp?’

A majority want to continue the Valuation Master Class

Fifty-three percent of students plan on continuing their studies in the Valuation Master Class Professional, while 47% said they are not yet sure. None of the students stated that they would not take Professional.

Attendees identified six things that made their Boot Camp experience unique

  1. Transform to be a more focused and determined person
  2. Learn everything you need to become a successful financial analyst
  3. Experience a challenging yet supportive environment
  4. Gain advanced valuation knowledge presented in a simple way
  5. Focus on the practical aspects of finance and valuation
  6. Enjoy a powerful and engaging teaching style

What students said about their Boot Camp experience

“The Valuation Master Class Boot Camp is your shortcut to becoming a successful financial analyst. The learning environment is great and supportive.”


“The Valuation Master Class Boot Camp turned out to be one of the most remarkable journeys of my life. I couldn’t believe the transformation I went through in six weeks!”


“The teaching style in the Valuation Master Class Boot Camp was at a level way above other courses. The way it is structured and the amount of learning we get in such a short period was amazing!”


“The lessons taught in the Valuation Master Class Boot Camp cannot be found in any textbooks because they came from 30 years of Dr. Andrew Stotz and his partner’s experience.”


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