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Best YouTube Channels to Learn Advanced Excel Skills

Is Excel overwhelming for you? Or are you an Excel pro looking to add more tricks onto your utility belt? Look no further for here are the best YouTube Channels to learn advanced tricks that will take your Excel skills to the next level. YouTube allows almost everyone to share and access useful information. Being proficient in Excel will allow you to gain a competitive work advantage in today’s society and allow you to organize and manipulate the world’s most important resource; data.

Office Productivity For Working Smart, Not Hard – Leila Gharani 
Subscribers: 1.62 Million

The first of the best YouTube Channels that had mastered Excel, Leila Gharani, did a great job creating video content for office productivity, including tips and tricks, for many valuable programs such as Excel, PowerPoint, and other office software. She organized a ready-to-serve playlist for the viewers with general Excel knowledge from fundamentals to advanced. She covered over 100 videos of formulas and functions and Excel for accounting tips and tutorials. In addition, Excel shortcuts will are introduced step by step in each video. The videos are presented in screen-recorded format with good video editing skills to provide essential graphic pop-ups and meme references for younger viewers. The video’s duration lasts from 5 mins – to 15 mins, explained straight to the points with short introductions at the beginning and a conclusion at the end.

This channel suits beginners up to advanced Excel users. The contents point out things that normal Excel users might have missed and show how to improve your Excel work.

Excel’s Find and Replace (surprising features)
The find and Replace feature might be familiar to most people, but the title of this video captures attention because of its “surprising features.” Simple features in excel can be more helpful with more understanding. For example, the Find and Replace components here do not only work with the vocabulary but also the formula and format.

Excel Made Simple – Technology for Teacher and Students
Subscribers: 1 Million

Technology for Teachers and Students provides beginner guides to advanced guides with over 150 videos of Excel shortcuts and Excel functions and tools tutorials. The content focuses on solving general excel problems you may face in daily operations (e.g., “How to Deal with Dates in Excel,” “How to Repeat the Last Action,” “How to Create Pixel Art in Excel,” etc.) presented in screen recorded format with a simple graphic pop-up. The creator provides simple examples to instruct the tools and functions. The video’s duration is typically from 3 mins – to 15 mins, explained straight to the points. Playlists are well-organized and constantly update the videos.

This channel suits teacher, students, and general people. The contents will improve your excel skill related to school and university studies.

Excel Quick and Simple Charts Tutorial
The video teaches easy ways to visualize data on Excel charts and graphs. What to avoid while using excel, which could make the work go wrong. Moreover, the video showed how to use valuable shortcuts and save time.

Teachers’ Tips For Excel – Teacher’s Tech
Subscribers: 623K

Teacher’s Tech provides an entirely free Excel beginner course for those with no basics and Excel formulas and functions that you should know. The creator regularly uploads Excel content and other valuable programs that teachers should know(Gmail, Google Drive, Google Forms, etc.). The videos are explained in detail, step by step, from the beginning with simple examples provided. The creator has shown his face in the videos explaining the content with a good facial expression. The video durations are from 10 mins- to 30 mins, and the timestamps for the video’s subtopic were given to viewers.

This channel suits a beginner who has no foundation or wants to review your Excel knowledge. This creator clearly explained it step by step. The contents are organized by viewers’ level with complete introductory excel courses.

10 Best Excel Tips for Beginners
The video contains the lesson of a more accessible tip that would be used often in Microsoft Excel 2016: Quick Analysis, Filter, Control keys, Adjust column widths in Excel, Flash Fill and Autofill in Excel, Absolute cell reference, Transpose tables in Microsoft Excel, Text columns, Inserting a screenshot, and Show formulas.

Advanced Excel Strategies – Kevin Stratvert
Subscribers: 1.34 Million 

Kevin Stratvert provides Excel content that focuses on general formulas and functions, Excel for office productivity, to advanced functions such as Excel Macro and Visual Basic for Application explained in simple words. The creator has created videos giving “how-to” knowledge for computer software and hardware shown in screen recorded format alternating with the creator’s face to explain important details. The videos are edited well with a highlight cursor and focus screen on discussion contents. Video durations are from 10 mins- to 20 mins for basic tutorials and 30 mins – to 1 hour for advanced tutorials with timestamps and sample spreadsheets provided. Videos are uploaded regularly with in-trend content.
This channel suits teenagers and people who want to follow up with the trends. The contents stay up to trends and are presented in approachable styles.

📊 How to Build Excel Interactive Dashboards
This video shows you a step-by-step tutorial on interactive Excel dashboards. You can easily update your latest information dashboard by just watching this. In addition, this video show can adjust the look and feel using various themes, and you can even customize the dashboard to match the organization’s color scheme. Once you finish, you can share your dashboard easily for others to consume.

Seal The Excel Deal – Sele Training
Subscribers: 296K 

Sele Training focuses on Excel tips and tricks that make you look cool to follow. Most of his Excel videos rank useful Excel formulas and functions for beginners up to advanced levels. The contents are good to know for people who don’t know where to start with, given the creator’s top trick choices. The videos are presented straight to the point in screen recorded format with good transition and editing, duration from 10 mins – to 20 mins, and timestamps provided.

Out of the best Excel YouTube Channels, this channel suits general people who have an Excel foundation and look to upgrade their Excel skills from the tips and add-ins because the videos go directly to the fancy functions and accessories knowledge.

Top 10 Excel Free Add-ins
Most Excel videos teach formulas, functions, and shortcuts. However, this video discusses another exciting trick you can use to optimize excel “add-ins.” The video is structured in ranking in which the video creator chooses the top 10 add-ins that you could use for free and maximize the outcome of your worksheet.

Finance Story in Excel – The Finance Storyteller
Subscribers: 128K 

Last of the best Excel YouTube Channels is The Finance Storyteller. The Finance Storyteller has shown an exciting way to teach boring content by making a simple animation video to explain finance concepts and providing excel tutorials relating to accounting and finance. The videos are discussed in a main, simple, and concise manner with the duration from 5 mins – to 15 mins in the format of alternation between Excel screens recorded with PowerPoint explanation. Starting from the introduction to applying the excel formulas and functions to complete finance tasks, the creator has provided timestamps and descriptions under the videos.

This channel suits students, finance, and accounting people. The contents on this channel are related to using Excel to complete finance or accounting tasks. This channel video duration suits people who want to learn a particular topic applied to their works.

Cash flow forecast
Cash flow forecasting is essential in financial modeling, but to do it efficiently with excel will require a specific format and formula. In this video, starting with the free template given and all the necessary items to be included, the video explains how each item is also connected, how you could forecast each essential item such as CapEx, cash receipt from employees, etc.