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Careers in Finance with James Lan

James Lan is currently a portfolio manager at a local fund management firm based at the center of Bangkok’s financial district. James is responsible for flow and fund management businesses and has 6 years of trading experience.

Some of the valuable insights James shared:

  • Communication and soft skills are very important in the finance industry. You need to be able to communicate your ideas.
  • It’s not just about reading books. It’s also about your experience and mindset.
  • Have a good trading mindset to stay persistent in your trade and to have conviction in your trade.
  • To succeed in finance, work on your mindset first, then have a good understanding of risk and then learn about trading.
  • You also need to have good risk management strategies.
  • Incentive alone is not enough to propel you long into a career in finance. You also need interest and passion.
  • Trade is not just about numbers it’s an art as well.
  • Learn new skills that will be relevant in future.

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