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Careers in Finance with Pornphen Chuleeprasert

Pornphen Chuleeprasert is an experienced Portfolio Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. She’s skilled in Research, Microsoft Excel, Customer Service, Management, and Microsoft Word. 

Pornphen is also a strong finance professional with a Master of Architecture (M.Arch.) focused on MSc Finance from Imperial College Business School.

Some of the valuable insights Pornphen shared

  • As a fund manager, always look at the whole picture first before investing in stocks.
  • Before you invest, you have to make sure that your decisions and investment process is correct so that you can make high returns for your investors.
  • Marketers working in finance have to understand the market too. They also have to know the tactics of talking to the clients and establish a lasting relationship.
  • To succeed in finance have a high interest in the markets, read a lot, and follow the news that affects the stock markets. 
  • Acquire a wide knowledge of many asset classes.
  • As a beginner, you don’t know exactly what you should do. So go for interviews for different jobs, and then during the interviews, you will be able to tell which job suits you and which one doesn’t. Eventually, you will find your path.

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