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Increase Your Impact with the Valuation Master Class

Valuation Master Class Live is the leading valuation training workshop for aspiring students and young professionals.

Prior attendees say they gained four key things:

  • First, they learned PRACTICAL skills for equity valuation, because we focus on real valuations, not theory.
  • Second, they gained CONFIDENCE in their valuations, because they learned the mistakes to avoid.
  • Third, they increased their PRODUCTIVITY, by using my valuation model and applying my tips and tricks.
  • Fourth, they learned how to become a valuation expert and make a bigger IMPACT, after learning what really matters in valuation.

The last point here is the most important — you need to make an impact, in your organization and on the market.

When I started my career, I boldly told my boss that I wanted to be voted the number one analyst in Thailand.

This goal was hard, because I had no roadmap and got side-tracked, often. For years I hardly ranked at all, but after years of experience of valuing companies, growing my confidence, and achieving massive efficiency through automation I had so much more to say about the markets, and was invited onto larger platforms to spread my message. When I moved up to the global giant, Citibank, I managed to get a number two ranking.

But it was my time at CLSA where I was able to bring together all I had learned and in 2007, 14 YEARS after I set that goal, I was finally voted the number one analyst in Thailand!

What I realized after decades of experience in valuation is that at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is the tangible results you can produce.

You need to offer valuable insights that MATTER. You need to have the expertise and confidence to shout your opinion from the rooftops, especially when your opinion is contrary to what everyone else thinks. And you need to be RIGHT, or as close to RIGHT as possible.

These are the essential differences between ‘just working’ and producing real revenue results.

One prior student named Andy Lai said that “Andrew skips useless and ineffective ways of doing stock valuation and gets right to what matters most.”

Now you can learn these lessons from MY journey in a fraction of the time in the Valuation Master Class Live, a step-by-step program that teaches you the essential things YOU need to achieve success in valuation.

Make an IMPACT. 

The Valuation Master Class is an on-demand online course that trains attendees to become company valuation experts. Graduates can confidently value any company and possess the in-demand industry skills needed to succeed as investment bankers, asset managers, equity analysts, or value investors.

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The Valuation Master Class Boot Camp presents the Valuation Master Class Foundation material in a 6-week guided online course format. Daily live sessions, teamwork, progress tracking, and the intensive nature help guide attendees to completion. The final company valuation project and presentation is tangible evidence of the attendee’s practical valuation experience and dedication to building a career in finance.

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