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Nestlé, the M&A Leader, Even Acquired Starbucks (Sort Of)

What’s interesting about Nestle is…that it is the M&A leader, even acquired Starbucks (sort of)

What is Nestle doing?

  • Some major brands you know
    • KitKat, Nespresso, and Maggi
  • Sells products across 188 countries

Worldwide company: CHF93bn 2023 revenue spread nearly equally across regions

Nestle revenue in 2023

Nestle revenue in 2023

Revenue by segment

Nestle revenue by segment

All about diversifications

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The world’s most valuable food brand 

Nestle the world's most valuable food brand

Nestle the world’s most valuable food brand

Nestlé S.A. – Switzerland – Founded 1905

Cons. Staples sector, 270,000 employees, US$102bn revenue

Main segments/products

  • Nescafe
  • Nestlé Pure Life
  • KitKat

Its competitive advantage

Competitive advantage through diverse brand portfolio, global reach, and acquisitions.

How it achieved its competitive advantage

By building a diverse brand portfolio and expanding globally, it solidified its position in the consumer goods market.

Key M&A milestones (1929 to 1988)

  • 1929 – Bought Switzerland’s largest chocolate company Peter-Cailler-Kohler
  • 1947 – Merged with a Swiss company Alimentana, which produces Maggi products
  • 1962 – Bought the Findus frozen food brand from Swedish manufacturer Marabou
  • 1988 – Bought a UK confectionery company
    • Adding KitKat, After Eight, and Smarties brands
Key M&A milestones (1929 to 1988)

Key M&A milestones (1929 to 1988)

Key M&A milestones (2001 to 2022)

  • 2001 – Bought US pet food business Ralston Purina, a leading pet care company
  • 2002 – Acquired the licensing rights to premium ice cream Häagen-Dazs in the US and Canada
  • 2012 – Acquired Pfizer Nutrition, a global infant nutrition business
  • 2022 – Acquired a majority stake in Orgain, a leader in plant-based nutrition
Key M&A milestones (2001 to 2022)

Key M&A milestones (2001 to 2022)

Nestlé’s deal of a lifetime

  • In mid-2018, Nestlé gained perpetual global rights to sell Starbucks consumer and food service products (adding RTD in 2021)
  • Nestlé paid Starbucks US$7.15bn upfront cash (Which came in handy for Starbucks during Covid lockdowns)
  • Nespresso & Dolce Gusto can sell Starbucks
  • Nestlé also acquired rights for Starbucks teas
  • Boosted Nestlé’s premium coffee profile

Let’s understand recent transactions

  • JAB Holdings paid
    • 3.1x price-to-sales for Keurig Green Mountain
    • 2.5x price-to-sales for Peet’s Coffee and Tea
    • 2.8x price-to-sales for DE Master Blenders
  • Nestle paid 3.6x price-to-sales for limited, by perpetual rights to Starbucks

Innovate, innovate and innovate

  • In 2017 alone, Nestlé launched 1,000 new products

Is the company financially world class?

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