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Starbucks Helps Us Better Understand ROA and ROIC

What’s interesting about Starbucks is that we can use it to better understand ROA and ROIC

Slightly more than 50% of stores are company owned

  • About 36,000 stores
  • 18,253 company owned
  • 17,458 licensed
  • Another 6% of revenue comes from other items

Number of stores worldwide in 2022

  • Remainer from other locations

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Revenue breakdown by segment

Starbucks – US – Founded 1971

Cons. Disc. sector, 402,000 employees, US$27bn revenue

Main segments/products/divisions/brands

  • Starbucks Coffee beverages
  • Frappuccino blended beverages
  • Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Reserve stores

Its competitive advantage

Competitive advantage through strong brand loyalty, premium coffee experience, and global expansion.

How it achieved its competitive advantage

Achieved by creating a unique coffeehouse atmosphere, focusing on high-quality beans, providing personalized customer experiences, and building a strong global presence through franchising and company-owned stores.

Howard Schultz (born 1953) Former CEO and chairman of Starbucks

  • Joined Starbucks in 1982 and transformed it into a global brand
  • Credited with popularizing the concept of the “third place” – a comfortable social gathering spot outside of home and work
  • Stepped down as CEO in 2000 but returned in 2008 to guide Starbucks through the global financial crisis, finally stepped down in 2022
  • He still owns nearly 2% of the company

The success of the Starbucks app

  • 26% of sales from mobile apps alone
  • Strong loyalty program
    • Earn stars and redeem for free drink
    • Added gift card to the app
  • Customer convenience
    • Order, pay, and skip the line

Aprons colors have meaning

  • Green – Classic
  • Black – Coffee master
  • Pale blue  – Happy Hour
  • Orange – King’s Day celebration in the Netherlands

A journey from teachers to a global coffee icon

  • Original store opened in 1971, Seattle, USA
  • Founders: Jerry Baldwin, Gordon Bowker, and Zev Siegl
  • Were teachers and a writer who all loved coffee

Quarterly results

  • SBUX reported FY3Q23 recurring EPS of US$1.00, which was +24.3% YoY and +25.6% QoQ
  • The 9M23 result was 79.5% of our full-year forecast

  • About 1% of its sales and 4% of its net income


Download the full report as a PDF

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