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For Every Dollar of Coca-Cola You Buy a Quarter Goes to Profit

What’s interesting about Coca-Cola is that for every dollar paid, nearly a quarter goes to profit

The Origin of Coca-Cola

  • Originated in Atlanta, USA
  • May 8, 1886
  • Dr. John Stith Pemberton – pharmacist

Unit Case Volume 2022

2022 % of revenue (green color is % of profit)

2,800+ products available in 200+ countries

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Costa Coffee

  • A British multinational coffeehouse chain founded by Italian brothers Sergio and Bruno Costa in London in 1971
    • They moved to England from Italy to bring high-quality coffee to the British public
  • In 1978, they opened their first store to showcase their coffee to the public
  • In 1995, Costa was acquired by Whitbread, a British hospitality company that helped Cost expand in the UK and internationally

The old factory was in South London

In January 2019, Whitbread sold Costa Coffee to The Coca-Cola Company

  • The company now has nearly 4,000 Costa coffee shops and over 14,000 Costa Express self-serve coffee bars worldwide
  • Costa’s portfolio also includes ready-to-drink and at-home coffee solutions

Coca-Cola – US – Founded 1892

Cons. Staples sector, 86,200 employees, US$33bn revenue

Main segments/products

  • Coca-Cola carbonated beverages
  • Sprite lemon-lime soda
  • Fanta fruit-flavored soft drinks

Its competitive advantage

Competitive advantage through iconic brand recognition, extensive global distribution network, and diverse portfolio of beverages.

How it achieved its competitive advantage

Achieved by strategic marketing, brand management, investing in bottling partners, and continuous product innovation to meet evolving consumer preferences.

Why Coca-Cola is successful

  • Sponsorship
    • The Olympics’ longest-running sponsors since 1928
  • Advertising campaigns
    • The largest advertising budget of any beverage company
  • Dominating in non-alcoholic beverages
    • Tops soft drink ranking
    • Most consumed soda in the world
    • 44% market share of global sales in the non-alcoholic beverage industry

The most valuable soft drink brand in the world by far, Diet Coke ranks 9th

  • The Coca-Cola brand value is estimated to be US$98bn in 2023
  • Including Diet Coke, it’s US$106bn
  • No.3 Pepsi (including Diets) is estimated to be worth US$19bn

Quarterly results

  • KO reported 3Q23 recurring EPS of US$0.81, which was +17.3% YoY and -3.2% QoQ
  • The 9M23 result was 79.0% of our full-year forecast


Download the full report as a PDF

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