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What to Expect on the CFA Level 3 Exam

Two exams behind you and one of the final CFA hurdles lies ahead in June 2019. As you’re no doubt aware, you only have one chance each year to sit and pass the CFA Level 3 exam. Those of you who are keen to get registered can do so from mid-August of this year. Then…

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Your CFA Result Is Void: How Not to Fail

Now, the CFA exams are nothing if not popular. Last year, nearly 220,000 candidates sat the CFA exams from hundreds of countries all over the world. (That’s 20,000 more than in 2016.) In June 2017, just 43% of people passed CFA Level 1 and 47% passed Level 2. CFA Level 3 is the only CFA…

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What to Expect on the CFA Level 2 Exam

If you’re reading this then you’ve already probably passed your CFA Level 1 exam and are getting ready to register and study for Level 2. (Either that or you’re getting yourself prepared for the long road to CFA charterholder status well in advance of all three!) As discussed in the first blog post of this…

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My #1 Study Tip for the CFA Exams

Many successful CFA charterholders credit their success in the CFA exams with their study habits. Personally, I believe it is different for each person and depends entirely on your advance preparation. It is arguable that the pass rate for the CFA Level 1 exam is weighted lower in comparison to the others because candidates really…

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