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Would You Buy Tesla on 19x 2025 Earnings?

Defining a new era for the global car industry


  • Near-term strength, but market dominance declines
  • Many American companies fail in China, but not Tesla
  • Rapid production ramp up to ride EV wave

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Technical signals still support bullish rally

  • 50 DMA is well above 200 DMA suggesting a bullish signal
  • RSI-Volume also indicates a bullish signal as has recently stayed well above the 50% line
  • Considering both volume and price, Tesla’s share price could ride the momentum further

Tesla’s revenue breakdown 2020

Near-term strength, but market dominance declines

  • In 2021, Tesla’s car production beat analyst consensus forecast by 7.5%
    • It has been one of the few carmakers that successfully mitigated the chip shortage
    • The company has rewritten its software to support alternative chips
  • Tesla’s competitive advantage also lies in the dedicated charging network that currently covers more than 3,300 US locations

But competitors are scaling up fast as well

  • The first mover advantage of Tesla is increasingly diminishing as competitors invest aggressively
  • Volkswagen is allocating more than $100bn CAPEX to push forward electrification in the next 5 years, equaling 50% of its total budget
    • As a comparison, Tesla aims to spend $50bn over the same horizon
    • General Motors and Stellantis follow with a $35bn allocation each

Many American companies fail in China, but not Tesla

  • China is the dominant market for EV and battery development
    • In 2021, Chinese EV sales was 3.3m vehicles, 8x the US
  • Tesla recognized early the potential and expanded its Chinese factory to an annual production volume of 600,000
    • China already makes up 29% of Tesla’s sales in 2021 and that contribution could go up much further

Why do most big US companies fail in China?

  • Some reason why they failed
    • Lack of localization strategy
    • Government and regulatory hurdles
    • Underestimating domestic competitors
    • Rapidly changing market
    • Lack of understanding cultural sensitivity

Tesla needs China and China needs Tesla

  • Despite the US-China trade war, China has supported Tesla in building its Giga Factory
    • It granted Tesla cheap access to land, tax incentives, and low interest rate loans
  • In return, Tesla is supposed to advance the Chinese EV industry and stimulate competition for technological progress
    • This is also called the “catfish effect”
    • The interdependency allows Tesla to succeed in China while other US companies fail

Rapid production ramp up to ride EV wave

  • Tesla’s builds its factories at an enormous speed through ready-made construction elements
    • Chinese factory took just 168 days to build
  • Two further factories in Berlin and Austin are on the edge of opening, adding more than 1m cars additional capacity by 2022
    • We expect the company to reach an annual production of 2m cars by 2023

FVMR Scorecard – Tesla

  • A stock’s attractiveness relative to stocks in that country or region
  • Attractiveness is based on four elements
    • Fundamentals, Valuation, Momentum, and Risk (FVMR)
  • Scale from 1 (Best) to 10 (Worst)

Consensus remains optimistic regarding profitability turnaround

  • Analysts are mixed about Tesla’s outlook
    • High dispersion among analysts is usually really rare
    • There are 10 sell or strong sell recommendations
  • Consensus expects revenue to continue growing at a very fast pace

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P&L – Tesla

  • We expect the company to fulfill its massive growth expectations reflected in high double-digit revenue growth
  • Tesla started to write black ink on its bottom-line in 2020
    • With the production ramp up, it generates growing profits from 2021E onward

Balance sheet – Tesla

  • The company has a massive cash position, holding around 37% of its assets in cash as of 2020
  • Heavy fixed assets investments necessary to maintain leading role in climate neutral car development
  • Tesla has moderately low leverage
    • Liabilities-to-assets ratio stood at 56% in 2020
  • Retained earnings should turn positive in 2022E
  • Higher jumps in retained earnings would come from increased profitability

Cash flow statement – Tesla

  • Operating cash flow could turn massively positive in 2022
  • Heavy CAPEX in 2021E due to the development of two further Giga factories
    • We expect Tesla to continue massive spending on its technology e.g., batteries

Ratios – Tesla

  • Tesla laid the foundation for high growth by expanding its production capacity fast
  • As Tesla moves closer to full capacity of its existing plans, we expect a higher efficiency
  • Tesla has the ability to achieve an above-industry margin
  • Tesla became a net cash company in 2020

Value estimate – Tesla

  • While Tesla trades on a massive PE-multiple, we should not neglect its vast growth potential
  • Looking at the 2022E PEG multiple, Tesla trades slightly below the average US Consumer Discretionary company
  • In this valuation let’s say that Tesla re-rates to its industry average

TSLA: Possibilities – Buying on 19x 2025 PE

  • If volume goes from 1m units in 2021 to 6m in 2025
  • And the price of cars rises by about 10% per year
  • This would mean revenue grows from US$51bn in 2021 to US$446bn in 2025
  • Assume that net profit margin rises from 2021’s 9% to 12% by 2025
  • Then Tesla would produce profit in 2025 of US$54bn
  • The company currently trades on 213x 2021 PE
  • But that would fall to 90x 2022, 37x 2023, 25x 2024, and 19x 2025

World Class Benchmarking Scorecard – Tesla

  • Identifies a company’s competitive position relative to global peers
  • Combined, composite rank of profitability and growth, called “Profitable Growth”
  • Scale from 1 (Best) to 10 (Worst)

The key risks for Tesla

  • Competitors could close the tech gap faster than expected as they invest heavily
  • Adverse regulatory changes in China could hamper the business
  • Sentiment can lead to volatile stock price movement


  • Tesla’s success lies in the EV-dominant country China
  • Delivering high profitability could convince skeptics
  • Tesla’s high PE sounds more reasonable when relating it to its massive growth prospects

Download the full report as a PDF

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