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Can Li Ning Become a Sportswear Heavyweight?

What’s interesting about Li Ning is that its net profit in 2021 rose by 136%


  • Riding Chinese e-commerce wave to drive top-line growth
  • Efficient inventory management results in margin expansion
  • Strong cash flow is proof that investments are fruitful

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A surge in domestic rejection of Western brands

  • Public pressure has been mounting on Western brands to stop sourcing cotton from China’s western region of Xinjiang due to concerns of forced labor
    • H&M, Nike, and Adidas bowed to this pressure and stopped buying cotton from the region
  • China fired back by removing Western brands from major e-commerce platforms and social media
    • Also, Chinese consumers started to boycott those brands

Mass boycott of foreign brands constituted a catalyst for Li Ning

  • With the start of the boycott of Western brands, the share price of Li Ning almost doubled
  • Chinese people perceived the allegations as an offense
    • The hashtag “I support Xinjiang cotton” has more than 1.8bn views on Chinese platform Weibo

The rise in share price was followed by a big drop

  • Li Ning faced a couple of events that led to a quick drop in its share price
    • (1) Chinese Zero COVID policy
    • (2) Supply chain issues due to the outbreak of the Russian war
    • (3) Foreign funds start to divest shares due to concerns of violations of human rights

A political war between West and China

Revenue breakdown 2021

Riding Chinese e-commerce wave to drive top-line growth

  • Li Ning started selling their products online back in 2014 which at the time made up 5% of total revenue
  • As of 2021, the contribution of e-commerce has risen to almost 30%
    • China is expected to be the first country that generates more sales from online than in physical stores in 2022
    • As a comparison, in the West, e-commerce accounts for only 10-20% of retail

Efficient inventory management results in margin expansion

  • Li Ning has consistently improved its inventory management
    • As a result, it has a higher turnover on its inventory with a lower share of older and outdated products
  • This has led to a massive margin expansion over time
    • Between 2017 and 2021, gross margin expanded by 6 percentage points

Strong cash flow is proof that investments are fruitful

  • To lay the foundation fur future growth, CAPEX requirements are constantly rising
  • However, at the same time, Li Ning is generating strong cash flows, that can easily cover investments and also growing dividends

Consensus is bullish

  • All analysts are very bullish except one courageous analyst issuing a STRONG SELL
  • Analysts predict revenue to continue seeing a strong rally and gross margin to stay high

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P&L – Li Ning

  • Gross profit growth is driven by strong revenue growth and efficient inventory management

Balance sheet – Li Ning

  • To realize its growth potential, the company must continue allocating a high budget to CAPEX
  • Li Ning has a low level of leverage and is net cash

Ratios – Li Ning

  • The company has a negative cash conversion cycle as it has strong bargaining power over its suppliers

Stock Picking Checklist

Can this company be a ten bagger?

Free cash flow – Li Ning

  • Expect strong cash flow generation despite rising CAPEX requirements

Value estimate – Li Ning

  • Li Ning has strong revenue potential
    • However, I think that consensus might be slightly too optimistic with regards to margins
  • I value the company using FCFF with a terminal growth rate of 4%

Key risks is geopolitical conflict

  • Geopolitical situation may hinder the company’s international expansions
  • Sanctions by Western governments could prevent investors from investing in the company
  • Failure to protect its own intellectual properties


  • Chinese booming e-commerce to unlock double-digit growth
  • Efficient inventory management drives margin expansion
  • Strong cash generation supports a defensive balance sheet

Download the full report as a PDF

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