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Careers in Finance with Okey Umeano

Okey Umeano is the chief economist at the Securities and Exchange Commission Nigeria. Okey holds 20+ years of experience in finance, asset and risk management.

Some of the valuable insights Okey shared:

  • Finance is very dynamic and moves quickly. You have to keep up with the pace of the industry. So keep studying, if not you will get outdated very quickly.
  • Be innovative. Don’t just accept the traditional instruments that you find in place.
  • Apply what you’ve studied or read in books to your environment.
  • It’s important to get major certifications in finance because they signal to the world that you are international, you’re prepared and you have the required skills.
  • Everything is possible. It might look overwhelming at first but it can be done. Just find out how it should be done.
  • Love what you do. As long as you love your career, you’re gonna be able to make the sacrifices it requires for you to do well.

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