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Careers in Finance with Tochathorn Somjaivong

Tochathorn Somjaivong is an independent financial planner providing financial wellness consultation, and also holistic financial planning for organizations and individual clients. He is an instructor on financial planning for the Stock Exchange of Thailand, Thai Financial Planning Association, Office of Insurance Commission.

Some of the valuable insights Tochathorn shared:

  • Learn more about the human/soft side of the business because that is one of the most important aspects of business success.
  • The world of finance is not science. There are models and theories in finance but not laws.
  • Focus on continuous learning and development.
  • Set up a goal for yourself like what you want to be excellent at it and work towards your goals on that.
  • There’s no need to compare yourself with others because everyone has their own path to success. Instead, compare against yourself. Keep moving and continue trying to become better today than you were yesterday.
  • If you have no background in finance, make sure you keep trying to expand your network. Get to know more new people.

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