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Is a Hand-Made Hermès Bag a Better Long-Term Investment than Its Stock?

What’s interesting about Hermès is that it is still owned by the family (now in 6th generation)


  • Competitive moat allows for sustainable high margins
  • Intended scarcity creates excess demand
  • Asia is a vital market for luxury brands to realize growth

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Revenue breakdown 2021

Competitive moat allows for sustainable high margins

  • Hermès has consistently delivered a massive gross margin over time
    • It is almost 3x higher than the average Consumer Discretionary company

The company follows a differentiation strategy

  • HMRS has developed a vision of developing high quality products
    • It only manufactures its products in France
  • Hermès can operate in price categories where customer sensitivity is relatively low
    • Its luxury collections provide high sustainable margins with high pricing power

Intended scarcity creates excess demand

  • As of 2021, Hermès operates only 303 stores globally, which is less than in the past
    • For comparison, LVMH has more than 5,500 stores
  • Exclusivity and difficult access to its products make the brand so desirable
    • It creates intended scarcity and has long waiting lists of several years for its bags
    • The higher the price, the higher the demand

Increasing price to increase demand sounds very odd

  • For the majority of goods, we observe that overall demand decreases when price increases
  • People tend to switch to cheaper variants or look for substitute products
  • However, there are a few products where the law of demand does not hold
    • Economists call them “Veblen goods”
    • If luxury products become cheap, they lose the premium status as more people can afford it
    • Raising the price helps to keep exclusivity

Low marketing costs compared to competitors

  • Unlike its competitors LVMH (Louis Vuitton) and Kering Group (Balenciaga, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent), Hermès has much lower SG&A and marketing costs
    • The difference is that Hermès does not rely on brand ambassadors or celebrities promoting the brand
    • For its competitors, such ambassadors is key for its marketing, but also very expensive

Asia is a vital market for luxury brands to realize growth

  • Between 2010 and 2021, revenue from Asia has increased 5x
    • Its home market Europe only increased 2x over the same horizon
  • Luxury products in Asia are a representation of high status
    • Craftsmanship and artistry are widely associated with the upper class
    • It’s the main market for Hermès to focus on to continue realizing growth

Consensus is divided

  • The majority of analysts stays on HOLD, as current share price might be too high
  • Analysts predict strong margins to continue as Hermès has a high pricing power

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P&L – Hermès

  • Net profit could stay on heightened levels as it record strong demand growth for its products

Balance sheet – Hermès

  • Hermès has a strong cash position as it generates huge cash flows on an annual basis
  • Hermès has low leverage with a liabilities-to-assets of 30%

Ratios – Hermès

  • Strong bottom line ensures consistent high profitability measured by ROE
  • Cash conversion cycle is very long but is not a risk given the strong cash position and cash flow generation ability

Free cash flow – Hermès

  • CAPEX requirements are relatively low as it does not expand aggressively in physical stores

Value estimate – Hermès

  • I am a bit more cautious about the revenue growth prospects are China’s demand might be lower than expected
  • I value the company by using FCFF and a terminal growth rate of 4%

Key risk is brand damage

  • Failure to adopt to changing consumer demands
  • Mean reversion of temporary heightened margins
  • Failure to comply with growing ESG standards could lead to reputational damage


  • Competitive moat delivers best-in-class margin
  • Asia continues to provide ample growth opportunities
  • Lucrative company but at an expensive price

Download the full report as a PDF

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