Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be any face-to-face (IRL) interactions with Andrew and other students?

The first two modules consist of pre-existing video content and assignments until you grasp the fundamentals. In later modules, Andrew will review your models and will also be active in the chat for the Valuation Master Class. Andrew becomes more involved as the class gets more advanced.

This is currently only applicable if you are in (or can go to) Bangkok: We have class meetings for dinner from time to time to welcome students, give them a better understanding of the course and meet other students.

In Module 3, we have a visit scheduled where you can visit Andrew’s coffee company in person and see how the various elements of valuation manifest in a real business setting.

Besides equity analysts, will this course help me as a consultant or maybe investment banking?

Any type of work where the valuation of (mainly listed) equities is meriting.

Most of our students are university students, CFA candidates or charter holders, business analysts, equity analysts, and fund managers.

Being a management consultant, I already have some valuation experience. Will this course complement my knowledge or will it be redundant?

We’re quite confident that it will complement and extend your knowledge as the ValueModel that you will work in is also a framework that differs from most traditional models.

Also, this course focuses on forecasting and valuation assumptions rather than building models.

How much does each module cost?

The current price is $200 per module. However, we have promotions on Module 1 from time to time.

Do we have to start from Module 1?

You can’t become an expert without doing the basics first 😉

Is there any deadline to completing the course?

We’ve set the deadline for Module 1 to 40 days which is more than sufficient even with unforeseen complications. That means you can manage your time by yourself as long as you stay within the deadline. If you cannot complete the module within the set deadline, you will need to pay again to resume that module. The deadline is counted from the day you start on the module.

How long does it take to finish a module?

This depends on your level of experience with valuation. Based on our student surveys, Module 1 takes around 20h to complete.

However, as you get used to the model and learn more, each company will take less time. To complete all 5 modules we estimate it will take at least 200 hours.

Better get started!

When will the course start?

The course begins when you want it to! There’s no scheduled online classes in Module 1.

Course content is delivered on-demand through a combination of video lectures, online quizzes, assignments, reports, and exercises. We’ll start as soon as you’re ready to begin.

After an introduction and quizzes, the course will assign you companies and we’ll provide you with our ValueModel tool to perform the valuations. You will never need to build any model or collect the financial data yourself.

You will perform forecasting and valuation for the first company and we’ll review it and give you feedback. You’ll also get access to our knowledge base explaining the ValueModel as well as common mistakes in valuation and other related topics.